Workshop Manajemen Evaluasi Pembelajaran Menggunakan Media Kahoot di Pondok Pesantren Al Musthofawiyah, Bogor


  • Hery Muljono Uhamka
  • Ahmad Diponegoro


Keywords: Management, Evaluation, Kahoot


Pondok Pesantren Al Musthofawiyah, Bogor was only established about 9 years ago. With this fact, one thing that is lacking in the management of learning quality is the lack of inclusion of training for teachers in various training topics, both improving the quality of teaching and understanding and proficiency in using a variety of media to evaluate learning outcomes. Thus, an activity is needed to equip teachers in improving teaching abilities, as well as the ability of teachers in the aspect of learning evaluation. This is necessary, so that the quality of the process and learning outcomes of students at the Al Musthafawiyah Islamic Boarding School can be measured and further illustrate the quality of its graduates in terms of knowledge, attitudes and skills.

Based on the above, the fundamental problem is the unequal knowledge, understanding and skills of teachers in using variations of instructional evaluation media in carrying out daily teaching tasks. The impact that occurs, in teaching teachers to students produces boredom and monotony, resulting in less enthusiasm of students' enthusiasm for learning, which has an impact on the resulting learning achievement is not optimal.

Therefore we need a community service activity for teachers entitled kahoot learning evaluation management. In the Learning Evaluation Management workshop with Kahoot Media, there are four stages, namely: the conditioning stage, the exploration stage, the elaboration stage and the confirmation stage. Weaknesses at the Al Musthafawiyah Islamic Boarding School are not allowed for students to bring laptops, gadgets or other IT equipment. Under these conditions, the teachers condition the students in evaluating learning using kahoot media in the computer laboratory room.