Pelatihan Pembuatan Sabun Scrub Kopi Berbasis Komoditas Lokal untuk Alternatif Usaha Baru di Kecamatan 1,2 Sukamakmur Kabupaten Bogor


  • Yeni Universitas Muhammadiyah Prof. DR. HAMKA
  • Nining Universitas Muhammadiyah Prof. DR. HAMKA


Training, Scrub Soap, Coffee, Business, Bogor


Coffee plantations are one of the mainstay commodities of Indonesian plantations which have an important role in the economic sector. Indonesia is the third largest coffee producing country in the world after Brazil and Vietnam with production in 2013 amounting to 692 thousand tons or 8% of world coffee production. Food crop agriculture and plantations are one of the mainstay sectors of Sukaharja village, Sukamakmur sub-district, Bogor district. In general, the potential of coffee plantations in Bogor district is quite high, as seen from the area planted with coffee is greater than other commodities such as cloves, rubber and nutmeg. The area planted reached 5,630.71 Ha for robusta coffee and 408.12 Ha for arabica coffee. The number of coffee commodities produced reached 2,844,528.42 kg for Robusta coffee and 111,072.00 kg for Arabica coffee. Society needs a creative effort to increase its productivity, especially for women farmers. However, the lack of community skills in making a product that has a high enough sale value is an obstacle in achieving the goal. This coffee scrub soap training improved people's skills to make coffee scrub soap that can be used as an alternative choice to create a new business for the community with a high enough sale value so that the regional economy increased.