Pelatihan Kemampuan TPACK Pasca Pandemi Covid 19 Bagi Guru Biologi SMA Muhammadiyah se-DKI Jakarta


  • Irdalisa Irdalisa Universitas Muhammadiyah Prof. Dr. HAMKA
  • Gufron Amirullah


TPACK, Biology Teacher, Muhammadiyah Senior High School


The Program Kemitraan Masyarakat (PKM)  aims to improve the ability of TPACK for biology teachers at SMA Muhammadiyah Jakarta as a development of teacher quality and professionalism in the fields of Technology, Pedagogy and Content. The partners of this activity are Muhammadiyah Senior High School Biology teachers in DKI Jakarta, assisted by the DKI Jakarta PWM Primary Education Council. The training materials are theoretical and practical with the core components of TK (Technological Knowledge), PK (Pedagogical Knowledge), and CK (Content Knowledge) from TPACK. The method used in this activity is the provision of materials, demonstrations and assignments. The mode of providing material is carried out in two ways, namely delivering the material virtually and designing learning tools, namely the assignment of designing TPACK-based lesson plans. The results of the TPACK ability training questionnaire for biology teachers showed a positive response from the teacher to the training they participated in, the table shows that the participants' satisfaction with the implementation of the activity obtained good scores with an average score of 47.2% and 30.5% satisfactory, for the average result of the material get good results with a percentage of 35.4% and satisfactory get an average value of 54.5%. From the average value of the two items, it can be concluded that the teacher's response is very positive to the implementation of TPACK Teacher ability training.