Pemanfaatan Digital Marketing dalam Mendukung Eksistensi Sekolah


  • Novelia Utami UHAMKA
  • Onny Fitriana


Marketing, Digital Marketing, Social Media


Industri 4.0 is marked by the turmoil of the digitalization world, one of which is in the marketing field. Marketing is now online based. Many platforms have been created by IT experts for marketers to use. Digital marketing users are not only for profit businesses but can also be used by non-profit businesses such as SMK Muhammadiyah Cariu (Called SMKMC). SMKMC is a UHAMKA laboratory school with a major in catering. Many products from the culinary department and other activities have been carried out but have not been optimally published so that many do not know SMKMC. Given the urgency for existence of schools, it is necessary to conduct digital marketing training for school members. This training is carried out in 2 ways, namely: the use of social media such as youtube, instagram, facebook, even for whatsapp status and creation of promotional content flyer using the application. By holding this activity, it is hoped that the formation of templates for the creation of promotional content, social media such as youtube, instagram, facebook to optimize the use SMKMC social media.