Pelatihan Pengasuhan Bagi Orang Tua Anak Usia 6-9 Tahun Pada SD Muhammadiyah 12 Setiabudi, Pamulang, Tangerang Selatan


  • Rita Pranawati
  • Ratih Novita Sari


parenting training, parents, school


Parenting training for 6-9 years old is a need of parents as well as children rights to get the best care from parents. The globalization has influenced various problems faced by children such as game addiction that impact to the child personal development. The parenting course to parents of 6-9 years old in SD Muhammadiyah Setiabudi 12 Pamulang Tangerang Selatan found that parents from middle class economy have good awareness on best care. However, through four session of parenting course namely, the rights of the children, child development, parenting style, and effective communication, parents understand that their practice of parenting has not adequate yet. Some parenting practiced that faced by parents are the best interest of the child, listening for children voice, practice authoritarian parenting styles, and difficult to practice effective communication. Hence, a parenting training is necessary for each of child development process.